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People would always wonder "what is planning?"  Let us guide you through it. 

Planning is a profession that builds well-managed communities, protects natural and physical environments, enhances local and regional economic value and improves the choices for where and how people live, work and spend their leisure time. 

In GUC Consultants, we can help to provide professional planning and other related services for small, medium and complex projects throughout Auckland region and surrounded areas. 

Our Services are summarised as follows:

​- General Planning Advice for all land development inquiries 
- Land-use for Residential Developments / Commercial Developments 
- Subdivision for Land Development / Commercial Developments
- Pre-purchase Due-diligence Check / Concept Design ( Indicative Scheme Plan)
​- Landscaping Design /Implementation Design/ Landscape Construction

- Traffic Impact Assessment & Vehicle Tracking Drawings 

- Urban Design Assessment 
- Post-planning Service / Subdivision Management ​

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GUC  knows that planning  is more than just a house or a land. We  work with our clients to utilize livable space and create safer community.


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