​​​​​​​Updated auckland unitary plan​​

30 September 2013: The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Draft

22 July 2016: The Independent Hearing Panel Recommendation

​19 August 2016: The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decision 

15 November 2016: The Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part

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​​​​​How to find your property information 

The GeoMaps (GIS Viewer) and Unitary Plan Viewer allows you to view spatial and non-spatial information across Auckland.

You can also get basic information on your existing site, such as as-built underground service, catchments and hydrology data...  

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GUC Consultants is an independent planning consultancy that provides high qualitative and cost-effective planning consultation and project management services. Our staff could use fluent English, Mandrain and Cantonese to chat with you.  

From the very early stage such as concept planning, consent application until consent approval and condition monitoring, we can offer you one-stop planning service to deal with any difficulties. 

Our professional experience and knowledge could help you to succeed the proposal and save your massive time and money in the further construction stage.  

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